MUMC Planning Survey
Your input matters! The church is asking for your opinion as we form our short and long team ministry goals.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! Responses may come from individuals or from church groups (like a Sunday School class).
Who is completing this survey? (please leave your name or the name of your sunday school group etc.)
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1. How long have you participated in the ministries at MUMC?
For individuals completing this survey...
2. How often do you attend worship?
3. What is your age group?
4. Do you have children and/or youth that participate at MUMC?
Reflection on the Present
How do the following areas of ministry impact your life and/or your family?
Sunday morning worship
Small group ministries (Sunday School, Bible study group, etc...)
Support groups (like Grief Share)
Youth Ministries
Fellowship Groups (like Sunshine (Café or the Craft Group)
Recreation activities
Community Outreach and mission projects
Children Ministries
Music / Fine Arts
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Tasks of the Church
Listed below are various church ministries. Please respond to each item by indicating the emphasis you think our church should give to that ministry. Please leave blank if no opinion.
Worship services that contribute to spiritual growth
Offering a worship experience using present day music & language
Nurturing Children in their faith
Helping Youth grow in their faith and service to God
Young Adult Ministries...
Senior adult activities...
Engaging in acts of charity and service to those in need
Providing a caring ministry for nursing home residents and shut-ins
Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the unchurched
Offering hospitality to guests at worship and other church functions
Fellowship opportunities & pot lucks
Participating in activities & programs with other churches
Small groups… (like Sunday School, Bible Studies, OR support groups)
Helping members discover their own gifts for ministry & service
Becoming better stewards of our time, money, & other resources
Supporting the global mission of the United Methodist Church
Learning more about the heritage & practice of Methodism
Referring to the above list, which two ministries does Manchaca excel at?
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And which two ministries would you like to see strengthened at Manchaca?
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Current and Future Needs
1) What does our church need to focus on today?
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2) As a long-range goal, what ‘new’ or ‘expanded’ ministry should be considered by our church?
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3) The greatest need and/or issue facing our surrounding community…
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Church Facilities
Please assess each of the following areas of the church in terms of general condition and aesthetic appeal.
Needs attention but not immediately
Needs immediate attention
Worship space
Education space
Fellowship space
Exterior and grounds
Overall accessibility
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Additional comments
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