Canadian Hoisting and Rigging Safety Council

Thank you taking the time to share your thoughts about the industry and provide guidance for the Canadian Hoisting and Rigging Safety Council’s ongoing work. The Canadian Hoisting and Rigging Safety Council is an independent, industry-led voice that has been established to serve crane owners, operators and suppliers in all Canadian jurisdictions. 

The information you provide will help to inform our planing in 2023 and beyond. We look forward to receiving your input!

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We welcome your input!
1. First, a little about you... Please select the options that apply.  Are you an:
2. What organization are you with (Optional)?
3. What industry sector(s) does your company serve?
4. Do you work in more than one province/territory?
4 a) If applicable, what inter-provincial and territorial challenges are most adversely impacting your business and how would you like to see them resolved? 

5. Some questions about rigging...

In jurisdictions with a shared rigging standard the rigging occupation and crane occupations are separate. Operators have responsibility for everything above the hook and riggers everything below. In Canada, rigging is not recognized as a separate occupation and there is no national standard for rigging. Canadian crane operators therefore have responsibility for all aspects of a lift, both above and below the hook. 

We would like to hear your perspective on this...

5 a) Would a national rigging standard be of value?
5 b) What advantages or disadvantages if any are there to the existing Canadian model? 
5 c) In your view, should the person working below the hook be responsible for that work?
6. A few final questions...
6 a) In what specific areas does crane safety need to be improved in your region?
6 b) What if anything about the industry keeps you up at night?
6 c) Please share any other comments, questions or suggestions for us to consider
Thank you!
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