Call for Case Studies: Using the resources from the DATAcc Inclusivity | Toolkit for Development
BACKGROUND: DATAcc's inaugural priority was addressing inclusion in digital health measurement. This priority was further refined to the address inclusion in two areas: (1) the development and (2) the deployment of digital health measurement products.

The suite of resources, from DATAcc's inaugural workstreams, are action oriented, fit-for-purpose, and designed to speed the use of digital health measurement products to improve health outcomes, health economics, and health equity by integrating considerations of inclusivity.


Please use this form to share how you and your team are using these resources from the DATAcc Inclusivity | Toolkit for Development and what impact it has had for your work. Big or small, we think it’s worthy of a spotlight. Submit details of the DATAcc resource in action (should take less than 5 minutes). You give us the content, we'll do all the styling.

DiMe will create co-branded one-pagers for each case study, share the asset with you and your organization, and share in DiMe's promotional channels.

All case studies will be added to the DATAcc website ( as a single resource. As such, your inputs will be available for public consumption once you've signed off.

In completing this form you give us permission to use your submission for this purpose.

Thank you!
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