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    Below are some important details regarding the PATH Intl. annual awards. Award nominators must be familiar with this information in order to ensure that their nominees are appropriately considered for this year's awards:

    * All nominations submitted by the deadline of May 15, 2017 will be considered for the 2016 PATH Intl. awards program. * All nominations must be submitted via this online fillable form. A total of 2 references are to be included with the nomination. Each reference is to include a 200 word essay. It is recommended you have all of your items ready before starting. The best way to get your references from other individuals into this form is to copy and paste from a word document, or type directly into the form. Reference forms are available separately in .doc format to aid in this process. * The nominating centers of all awards must be current members in good standing with PATH Intl., having renewed their 2017 membership and submitted all annual compliance requirements. Nominations from centers not in good standing will not be considered. Additionally, the nominee must be in good standing with their PATH Intl. membership and certification. * All information provided other than the nominee's name and contact information should be submitted in such a way that the judges are unable to identify the nominee. No indication of the center with which the nominee is affiliated, the name of the nominee, etc. should be indicated on the reference forms. References that are not anonymous or give more that the allotted number of "5"s to the attributes will be disqualified from receiving a score. * Since the nominee's name and contact information are kept separate from the judging materials to insure the judges are not biased, it is critical that all of the nominating information be submitted in its entirety. * The nominator will be asked to provide photos for publicity/promotional purposes should the nominee be selected as an award winner. * The nominator will be asked to provide phone numbers or email addresses of the nominee's local newspaper, equine magazine and other appropriate publications should his/her nominee win an award. Press releases will be sent for all award recipients. * Please read the rules on the reference forms carefully. References submitted that don't follow the rules may be disqualified. Please click the "continue" button if you are ready to fill out the nomination form.