2019 Put Up Your Toques Official's Application
Tri-City Roller Derby is happy to announce their hosting of Put Up Your Toques 2019! The tournament will be held in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, from May 3-5, 2019. Please submit your interest in officiating via the below application for Skating and Non-Skating officials.

Venue Info:
Waterloo Memorial Recreational Complex
101 Father David Bauer Drive
Waterloo, ON N2L 0B4

Tournament Heads:
THRs: Simon Sez/ZsaZsa Kapow
THNSOs: Dodge Charge'er/Julius Freezer
GTO: April Cruel

Participating Teams: TBD

PUYT 2018 was a WFTDA Recognised Tournament, and we are hopeful to be the same in 2019.

Any questions, please email putupyourtoquesofficials2019@gmail.com

Photo courtesy of Joe Mac Photography

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