International Student Booking Request Form (Student Accommodation in Hobart) - All prices go UP on short term stay. Details at

All bookings are subject to availability (Refer to;

You are not suppose to pay anything before a TENANCY OFFER is sent to you -- There is ABSOLUTELY NO AGREEMENT in place prior to your first payment or deposit!

Some of the questions here are optional, if you have reasons and prefer to answer any of the questions later, please write 'later' but it could delay the approval process.

Airport pick up costs A U D $ 100.- for all times.

Terms & Conditions:

Go to and click on "CHART" (in Terms & Conditions) to see prices for shorter terms.

If you need further assistance, please write on the bottom of this form or contact Marcos on 0400 169471.

Email address *
I have read and accepted the terms and conditions. I will be respectful to others, will be conscientious about noise & space, about the environment and Australian costumes, I will clean after myself specially when using the bathroom and kitchen! *
Our core terms are located at our home page ****** along with link to all prices. Ask for more details or explanations if you require. More detailed terms (based on UTAS share-house agreement) can be found at ****** Please find also a photographic condition report there. You and the other tenants are responsible for the house and contents. Please notify if you notice anything different from the photos, anything faulty or dysfunctional immediately via email to ***nilogog(at)*** with photographs.
Short term rates for single bedrooms in share-houses as follows:
Your preferred accommodation option: *
You can tick more than one option, make sure to check the prices for the different terms at - All prices go UP on short term.
Your preferred moving-IN date: *
We can normally hold a room for a max. of two weeks but sometimes we shuffle accommodation options to satisfy everyone's needs. You can give a period or more than one date as desirable move-in dates..
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Your preferred moving-OUT date: *
We need at least an idea of your length of stay. Once we draw a contract we finalise specific dates.
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e-mail addrress *
plesae provide your educational e-mail (if you have one) or your priavet e-mail otherwise
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Please repeat the e-mail addrress *
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Student Surname (Family name) *
as per passport
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Student first name *
as per passport
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Student nick name
western name (in case you have one)
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Gender *
Date of birth *
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Current Australian Driver's Licence or Passport number
Other primary ID will be accepted. If your application is accepted I will ask you to email a photo of one of the above.
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Do you have any disability or require any special care or any special living arrangement? Do you have any addiction? Please explain below (other): *
e.g. overweight, disable access required, vision impediment, any mental or physical illness or disability, need a workshop; need to work from home; need to make noise or any uncommon need to a share house environment? Notice that if you don't let us know and the other house guests do not agree with your needs - we reserve the right to ask you to move!
Type of course you are enroled *
School in Hobart *
Student ID
in case you, your agent or your office wishes to include a reference ID for the student
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Telephone no. in Australia
if you have one (please include area code)
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Your address in Australia or overseas *
Please include Town, State, Country and area code!
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A contact person in case we can not get hold of you (in Australia or overseas). Please provide **name, e-mail address, physical address and telephone no (with area code)**. *
Can be a family member, a friend, an educational agent or university member of staff. If you move in, we will also use that contact in case of emergencies. Please inform us in case you wish to update the contact details.
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Nationality *
as per passport origin
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Arrival date (Australian date)
This and the next 3 questions are only needed if you will require Airport pick-up ($100.- for each round trip unless discussed and agreed another price in writing)
Arriving with
Arrival time
Australian time please!
Flight number
as per your ticket
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If you have made a payment already, please specify VALUE, ITEM, SOURCE, DATE and RECEIPT NUMBER! (For Example: $430.-, Deposit, Paypal, 22/Feb, receipt no. 456785555ABC)
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Additional comments, please say something : ) *
Here you can tell a bit about yourself so I can let the other residents know something about you, you can also ask a question or two or make a suggestion. -- max. 300 words please : )
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(AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS AND RESIDENTS ONLY) Employment history in the last 2 years. If you have not worked in the last 2 years please explain your reasons and provide contact details for two referrals.
Please include type of work; Dates during employment; Reasons for quiting; Name of employer; Company name and Contact detials
Your answer
(AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS AND RESIDENTS ONLY) Rental history in the last 2 years. If you have not rented in the last 2 years please explain where were you living and provide contact details for two referrals.
Please include type of rental; Dates during rental; Reasons for moving; Name of landlords and contact detials
Your answer
Please give us assurance that you have the means to commit with the rental payments; that you enjoy a stable financial situation; that you have NOT been evicted before or taken to court due to lack of payment or -- for ANY other offence! We often carry regular police and credit checks based on the information you provide. *
If you are a pensioner (on disability or any kind of pension or insurance benefit); if you rely on Centrelink or any other form of benefit or support including family, you need to let us know in here.
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