Questions for ChiTown Screenwriting
On Getting Published and/or On Increasing Visibility for Diversely Inclusive Stories on the Page, Stage and Screen
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What's the first project you published and how did you get it out there? 
What do you think has been most key for you sustaining a successful career as a writer? Might be something industry-specific, might be something about who you are as a person in your personal outlook on life and work ethic?
What advice do you have to writers navigating getting their work seen by the right people at the right time, and/or getting published?
What types of stories are still not as visible on the page, stage and screen? What should we be looking for as writers, directors, producers, content creators-- whose stories, about what -- to tell, write, make, share? 
What problem(s) do you think we face culturally and/or as an industry in terms of getting more visibly diverse content widely published and produced on page, stage, and/or screen? 
What changes would you like to see in terms of content consumption or content publication / production / distribution? This might be culturally, might be industry-wide, anything goes here. 
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