No New Washington Prisons - End All Prison Expansion in WA
As we have deepened our research about the DOC budget and WA’s upcoming plans, we’ve learned that while the women’s prison expansion is currently stalled, the budget still includes plans for expansion of men’s prisons. We have pivoted our campaign into a call for No New Washington Prisons, aimed at helping people in WA learn about all the state’s prison expansion plans and demand a moratorium on all prison expansion in WA state. No new buildings, no new beds. Not anywhere. We must decarcerate, not expand!

Join your organization's voice with ours! By filling out this form, you confirm that your organization endorses the call for a moratorium on all prison expansion anywhere in Washington state.

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To get more info about our campaign go to: (new website in the works)
Instagram: @nonewwashingtonprisons
Twitter: @nonewwaprisons
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