Merryhills Way Survey
The Enfield Society is collecting information about usage of the Merryhills Way Footpath at Vicarage Farm. Survey results will be submitted to Enfield Council with the Society's consultation response to the current draft Local Plan , which proposes extensive development on the fields at Vicarage Farm. See the link at the end of this survey for more information and how to respond.

If you respond to this survey, your data will be held in accordance with the Enfield Society's privacy notice In order to demonstrate the robustness of the survey, the names of participants may be published in an appendix to a public report. Email addresses and postcodes will never be released to any third party. All personal data will be destroyed upon adoption of the Enfield Local Plan.
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Map of the Merryhills Way (source: Open Streetmap)
Photo: view east along the Merryhills Way
What was the date of your most recent visit to the Merryhills Way?
1. Where do you live?
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2. During the warmer months (April -October), how often do you use the footpath?
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3. During the colder months (November-March), how often do you use the footpath?
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4. Normally, where do you start your visit to the footpath?
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5. Normally, how do you get to the start point of your visit?
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6. Normally, what is the far point of your visit?
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7. (Tick all that apply). Normally, I visit the Merryhills Way...
If you visit with a named group, please enter the group name here
8. What other open spaces do you visit? (tick all that apply)
Visit frequently
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Don't visit
Enfield Town Park
Oakwood Park
Cheyne Walk
Trent Park
Any other open spaces in the borough you visit?
9. Which of the following explain why you visit the Merryhills Way (tick 'important' or 'not important' for each)
Not important
Exercise: walking or rambling
Exercise: running or jogging
Nice scenery
Mental wellbeing
Spending time with family/partner
Social occasion
Walking the dog/s
Pleasant walk to Trent Park
Any other comments
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Are you a member of the Enfield Society?
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For more information about the Enfield Local Plan consultation, including proposed development at Vicarage Farm, and details of how to respond to the consultation, please click here:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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