Krytox GPL 105 - Interest Check
Each vial (2ml) comes with 2 lube applicators. If you order two vials then you will receive 4 applicators.

What is Krytox GPL 105?

Krytox GPL 105 is a thin switch lubricant used primarily for springs to decrease the rattle or 'ping' sounds.

How does this compared to previous lubes offered?

In comparison to both Tribosys 3204 and Krytox 205g0, Krytox GPL 105 is recommended for springs. The lube can also be applied to tactile or linear switches.

How much will Krytox GPL 105?

Krytox GPL 105 will be priced as $7.5CAD/2ml vial.

Please store Krytox GPL 105 upright and in a cool dry place. We have also upgraded our vials for all our lubes to scientific grade molded lid leak proof vials.

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