Revelstoke Technology Survey
This survey is designed to count Revelstoke's technology companies and technology workers, whether you're working a tech company or not, and whether the company is based in Revelstoke or elsewhere. You might be contacted for some follow up questions or with tech-related info. Interested in more info? Contact tech strategy coordinator Karilyn Kempton at
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What's the name of the company you work at or own?
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Including yourself, approximately how many employees does your company have? (If you're self-employed, it's 1!)
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What's your job title?
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Are you a remote worker based in Revelstoke with a head office elsewhere?
Does your company fall under one of the following categories?
A technology company is engaged in one or more of the following activities: creating and selling technology, providing technology services, and/or research and technological development. If applicable, please check the tech sector your company falls under:
If not a tech company, is it a tech-enabled company?
A technology enabled company leverages technology to enhance its core business, utilising tools like as the Internet, mobile devices, social media or automation to increase competitiveness and/or profitability. If you company is not a tech company, does it employ people in technology positions?
If it's a tech-enabled company, how many tech workers does your company employ?
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Is your company hoping to hire new tech positions in the future?
What supports might help you grow?
E.g., business loans, training, business coaching, venture acceleration, networking
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Would you consider mentoring a student with an interest in your technology field (or similar)?
Would you consider having a work experience student from Revelstoke Secondary School during the school year at no expense to you? (90 hours)
What are the benefit to being located in Revelstoke?
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What are the drawbacks to being located in Revelstoke?
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How long have you been in Revelstoke?
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What brought you to Revelstoke?
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