ReSET Job Training Program Online Application
This is the online application form for the ReSET (Skills Employment Training) Job Training Programs, offered by Finger Lakes ReUse, Inc. ( Please fill out all required fields. If you have questions about ReSET, or this application, please contact our Community Programs Coordinator at or (607) 257-9699.
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We accept applicants 16+. We do not descriminate based on age. The question is for demographic purposes.
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ex. She/her/hers, They/them/theirs, He/him/his. We ask only so that we have a sense of how you would like us to refer to you.
Because we receive Federal funds for this program, the following information must be collected and is intended solely for record keeping, and to help identify additional resources that can assist you in your return to work. Your answers will be kept confidential.
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Note: This next section is voluntary. This information will be kept confidential and is intended solely to help identify additional resources that can assist you during this training. You will not be penalized for refusal to answer.
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The following information is to gauge your general income levels as this program is geared to individuals with low to moderate income.
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$______ (This number can be a rough estimate if you do not know your exact gross income.)
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If the applicant is filling out this application with human services provider, please include name, organization name and contact info of the service provider.
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This question is only asked for records purposes. No one will be treated differently or denied access to ReUse programs because of criminal history.
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