Nate's Steamed Bagels - Catering Questionnaire
Thank you for considering Nate’s Steamed Bagels to be apart of your special event! We recognize that each event is unique, for its guests and its operator. In order to put together the most comprehensive menu and best pricing package possible, we ask that you complete the below questionnaire with as much detail about your event and your guests.
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Where, relative to the event location, is it anticipated the we park the truck (24.5’ Freightliner Food Truck)? i.e. Parking lot, field, driveway, street, etc.
Is there accessibility to a restroom should our staff need?
What is the availability for electric service? Is there a place we can plug in a 240V 4 Prong Shoreline? Or will we be required to operate off generator power?
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How would you pay for the event? Please indicate:
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Based off our online menu, might there a specific menu variety you would you like for the event? If yes, please indicate below. If no, we can serve our full, lunch or breakfast menu.
Would you like us to create a specialty sandwich tailored and named for your event? If so, please indicate desired ingredients, style of sandwich, and desired name. We would be happy to!
Are there any specific dietary restrictions or allergies that we should aware of ahead of time?
Please indicate any other important or specific information regarding your event:
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