College Prep/Work Ready or Core Curriculum--Must Choose
College Prep/Work Ready
English--4 courses
Math--3 courses
Science--3 courses
History--3 courses--must have one year US Hist, 1/2 OK Hist, 1/2 Govt
Computers--2 courses
Additional--1 additional course from one of the subjects from above
Fine Arts--1 course--music, speech, art, band, etc...
Electives--7 courses not counted above

Same as above for English, Math (math of finance in place of Algebra II, Science, History, Computers (1 Credit), and Fine Arts
Electives--9 courses

24 credits total for either track
Athletics can only count for 2 credits
Certain Classes do not count in your GPA, so make sure if you need your GPA to increase, you choose classes that have some type of rigor--you must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 subjects.

If you fail any required classes (may be one or both semesters) as a freshman, sophomore, or junior you will be required to retake that class. Failed subjects that are required for graduation MAY take the place of an elective.

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College Prep/Work Ready or Core Track *
Beginning in 9th grade, parents and students must choose a track to follow.  If you opt-out of college-prep/work ready, you must meet with the school counselor, fill out a form and sign it. There is a link to the paperwork on the school website under high school then under counselor.
Oklahoma's Promise--Must be signed up by June 30, 2023 *
Please choose appropriate circle.  You have until June 30, 2023 to complete this application.  Income requirements have changed, so please check it out.  You must be on the College Prep Curriculum.
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