Pinnacle 2020 - Team Application
Pinnacle is a competitive collegiate hackathon that brings together the winners of the largest hackathons for an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and problem solving to our sponsors. We want to provide a premium experience to both our hackers and sponsors, for which we need a large team and outstanding organization to carry out this event successfully.

At Pinnacle, we will be flying 200 students from all across the nation into the heart of San Francisco, and for 24-36 hours. We will provide all food, tools, workshops and activities and foster a competitive environment. Aside from the competition, hackers will also have access to our sponsors to connect for recruiting and interviews.

We are looking for members to fill roles in the Sponsorship, Operations, Marketing, Tech teams. Find more information about each team at:

The amount of workload is around 5-10 hours per week, more hours as we move closer to the event. The amount of work is very flexible. Pinnacle is an event organized by the Hack+ (non-profit 501c3) events team.

Please fill out the form if you are interested, we will get back to you a few days after your response to schedule a quick call to get to know you. Reach out to us at if you have any questions!
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