Bloede Dam Historic Interpretation Competition
Please complete the form below in order to submit an entry to the Bloede Dam Historic Interpretation Competition. Bloede Dam was removed in Fall 2018 from Patapsco Valley State Park in Maryland. This competition is designed to generate ideas on commemoration of the unique design of the structure, the human and natural history of the surrounding area, and the life of the dam's inventor, Victor G. Bloede.

Award: The winning submission to this competition will receive an award at a future celebration on the Patapsco River, be highlighted on American Rivers’ blog, and gifted a piece of the Bloede Dam.

Submissions Due: Friday, October 4, 2019, 5:00 PM Eastern Time via the "SUBMIT" function at the end of this Google Form
(Please do not submit this form until you have your final answers inputted.)

Email any questions to: Jessie Thomas-Blate, American Rivers,

See official competition entry rules at the end of this form.
Bloede Dam, Patapsco Valley State Park, Maryland
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