UC San Diego Summer Research Program
The UC San Diego Design Lab is looking for research interns to join us virtually (and maybe even in person in San Diego depending on the pandemic) for the summer of 2021 to conduct novel research at the intersection of design, cognitive science, social science, and computer science. The internship period is somewhat flexible, but due to the UC's quarter system, we typically host internships between mid June and mid Sept.

Research topics include design, social computing, ubiquitous computing, and multi-modal interfaces. Participating faculty:
Steven Dow: protolab.ucsd.edu
Edward Wang: www.ejaywang.com
Nadir Weibel: www.ubicomp.ucsd.edu/weibel
Haijun Xia: creativity.ucsd.edu/

If interested, please apply by May 1 2021 for full consideration.
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User research (e.g., interviewing, observing, analyzing qualitative data)
Visual design (i.e., graphics, logos, print material with Adobe Creative Suite)
UI design (i.e., mobile and web mockups in Sketch, etc.)
Front-end UI development (e.g., HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, or other web-based frameworks)
Back-end development (e.g., node.js, Python/Java, Meteor, MongoDB, SQL etc.)
Literature review (i.e., reading and summarizing academic papers)
Writing (e.g., copy writing/editing for web, newsletters, research papers)
Data science (i.e., collecting, cleaning, and analyzing large data sets)
Systems admin (i.e., managing cloud servers, setting up programming environments, etc.)
Video production (i.e., filming and editing promo videos)
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UCSD is on the quarter system, so we typically start summer internships in mid June with an average length of 12 weeks.
Would you be open to co-working together in San Diego? (optional)
Due to the ever-changing situation with COVID, we cannot yet commit to hosting an in-person internship experience in summer of 2021. Internships will be primarily done virtually over Zoom. If official guidelines safely allow for co-located work, we will permit research teams to gather at our labs in San Diego. This will be optional for each intern and done on a limited basis. Please select an option that best represents your attitude about working in-person. Don't worry, whatever you answer here is non-binding (you can change your mind later).
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Do you want to be considered for a self-funded opportunity? (optional)
All applicants will be considered for a small number of paid positions. If you would like to be considered for a self-funded internship, you can check this option below.
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