New York Liberty Free Agency 2021
The goal of this form is to help me assess what and who the Liberty should target come the WNBA's 2021 free agency period. But also, I want to hear from you! This form is for Liberty and WNBA fans, media members, and anyone else in between who I've missed.

While New York has the top draft pick, GM Jonathan Kolb noted that the Liberty could be in a position to execute what he called a "Hybrid Rebuild." If you'd like to read more about what exactly that means, I wrote about it here:

So let's get started! This whole survey takes under 10 minutes. I know because I tried it myself.
The What:
Not only what position player should NYL target, but what qualities do you believe the Liberty should value when considering who to try to bring to New York.
What position should Liberty target? (You can check more than one. )
Rank the qualities that the Liberty should look for in a free agent. *
Leadership skills
Defensively minded
Three Point Shooting
Championship/ Playoff experience
Team culture fit
Size and strength
How important is familiarity between potential FAs and current personnel and coaches? (1 is not really at all and 5 is it's *so* important.)
Clear selection
How important is it that the FA has some connection to NY or Brooklyn? This could range from having family there, having a cultural connection (i.e. appreciation for the NY art and music scene), or is a well-established leader and/or activist within the WNBA or beyond. (1 is not really at all and 5 is it's *so* important.)
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