Be Love! Orphan Outreach Missions "BLOOM" Pre-View Hosting Application
Dear Family:
Thank you for your interest in hosting a child from BLOOM's upcoming orphan hosting program! Please complete the following PRE-application so we may provide you with more information on possibly hosting a child. Our Family Mentors and staff monitor the submissions from this application and will contact applicants within 2 business days. If you do not hear from a regional family mentor within that time frame, please email

* This is NOT the full hosting application. This is the way for us to know your interests and get more information to you as soon as possible.
* This form does NOT commit you in any way, to hosting. It is step 1 in moving that direction.

~Colombia (AL, GA, TN, NC, SC, MS, FL only. Families in other states may inquire, however, other conditions may apply)
~Haiti (TX, MO, IL, Any states where at least 3 families agree to host. Please fill out an app anyway!)
~Ukraine (all states)

--APPROXIMATE dates of our Ukraine, Haiti and Colombia summer programs are estimated from mid/late June to late July. We will not know exact dates for these programs until mid May.
--It all depends on the country of origin for the children, their school schedules, holidays, cost of flights, etc as to the actual dates we are able to offer.

--The cost to host a child from Ukraine is $2995 per child, and $2895 for each additional sibling.
--The cost to host a child from Colombia is $1995, and $595 for each additional sibling.
--The cost to host a child from Haiti is $2250, and $2150 for each additional sibling.
--REMEMBER: Scholarships may be available for some children, which will reduce the program cost.

All funds sent to BLOOM for hosting are tax deductible. Your Family Mentor will be glad to assist in fundraising ideas! These fees paid for hosting cover such things as their in-country travel, visa interview trip, medical clearance, passport, visa, international flights to the USA main entry airport, chaperone stipends and travel costs, and medical insurance while in the USA. For Ukraine and Haiti, It does NOT include the cost of flying your host child from the main entry airport to the airport nearest you.

Their primary arrival airport for Ukraine will likely be in the Chicago or Atlanta (then your child would fly to you for an extra cost). The primary arrival airport for Colombia will be Atlanta (then children will be flown to regional airports within 3-4 hours drive of each host family at no extra cost). The primary airport for Haiti will be in Austin, Texas. Depending on which airport offers the best schedules and fares will determine alternate flight costs to bring the child closer to you! We will not know their initial arrival airport until late May for summer and mid November for winter.

BLOOM does offer alternate airports for arrival/departure throughout the USA to bring your host child closer to your home. There is an additional fee for doing this, but we do serve our families throughout the USA.

If you have any questions regarding this program or problems with this pre-application, please email April Wareham at and let her know what state you are in so she can assign you to a regional mentor.

May God bless you on your journey with us!

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