Harps Farm Bag - Customer Feedback Survey
Please Let us Know How We Are Doing - Thanks for Supporting Local Family Farms!
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Which Harps Store did you purchase your Farm Bag from? *
Was this the first week that you purchased the Farm Bag? *
Which of the following factors contributed to your decision to buy the farm bag? Please MARK ALL THAT APPLY. *
Do you think that you will purchase the Food Bag again?
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Was the food in your bag fresh and high quality? *
Were you able to make good use of all or most of the items in the bag? *
After using it, did you consider the bag to be a good value? *
Did you read the newsletter that came with your bag?
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Did you visit our website as a result of reading the newsletter (www.TheFoodConservancy.org)?
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If you went to the website, did you find the recipe(s) useful?
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What comments or suggestions do you have for the local Farm Bag program?
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