Lyric Writing System - Turning Ideas in to Words
This form can be used to focus your ideas when writing a song. You can use it to start the songwriting process or fill it in retrospectively using lyrics you have already written.

If you struggle to answer the questions it is worth remembering that not all styles and methods of delivery require every step in order to work. For example you may want to write a bout a specific event without narrowing down the themes and concepts or using a metaphor. In which case you may only need steps 1 and 4. Similarly, you may want to address concepts and themes without getting bogged down in specifics, in which case steps 2 and 3 will suffice.

Remember these are only prompts designed to stimulate creativity, if you are feeling inspired but want to move away from the structure of the form then do! This form is more about avoiding empty page syndrome!

Once you have completed all three sections, submit your creations to turn your lyrics into music! (there is an option to have your responses emailed back to you, use that just in case you have any more ideas or you want to keep tinkering! You can also edit your responses after submission so nothing is set in stone).
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