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Placement within the ensemble will be based upon section need, available seats, and of course musical proficiency. Seating placements are at the discretion of the ensemble director. It is recommended that prospective players upload a video to youtube which demonstrates their technique, which will be made available for our director to review. If you need assistance in creating and uploading a video, a short tutorial can be found here:

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As a member of the ensemble, you'll be registered on this site. You'll be able to check concert call notes and receive text updates from our personnel manager!
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Membership Dues
The Fox Valley Brass Band, like most groups of its genre, sustains itself in large part by committed, volunteer members who pay annual dues. Annual membership dues are $150. For collegiate players the rate is $75. These help to cover the costs of many operating expenses including but not limited to: music rental or purchase, insurance, director stipend, work of librarian and personnel manager, facilities rental and storage, administrative fees, printing and publicity, and many other items critical to creating a quality concert experience for everyone.

By registering, you also understand that promotional materials, which are based on Fox Valley Brass Band activities and are used to benefit the Band and Fox Valley Music Consortium, may contain images or performances from FVBB events which include you, and you hereby give consent for their use.

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