Love, Ally
Cover Reveal - June 30
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Excerpt Reveal - July 14
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The world never granted me much. No warm and cozy home to rest my head, no loving parents to cheer at my games or remember my birthdays, and certainly no finer things in life. Just a damn good arm to throw a football and a hunger inside of me I hoped would lead me straight to the NFL.

I was twelve years old when the universe finally delivered its first gift. A beautiful angel, though my angel certainly wore no halo. She dressed in the same tattered clothes that as I did, and her eyes were as lost and broken as mine were.

All it took was one look at her face and I knew she was made for me, and me alone. From that day forward my soul was hooked, barred, a slave to hers. Nothing could come between us, I was headed to college and pro ball and she would be by my side, where she belonged.

Until one day, she disappeared without a word.

The love of my life, my best friend, was suddenly gone, vanished, evaporated into thin air. Almost as if she were never even here.

Well over a year later, at Brooks College in Georgia, she’s back. I want vengeance for her leaving me so callously. But one look into her stormy blue eyes and I’m enamored yet again.

She’s keeping secrets, though. Pushing me away so that they remain buried in the past. She’s forgetting one thing, when it comes to her, I’ll stop at nothing.

She can’t keep me at an arm’s length away forever. After all, she belongs to me.

This is a complete stand alone in the Brooks University series.
Second Chance Sports Romance
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Cover Reveal: June 30
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Teaser Blast: June 29, July 6, 13, 20
Excerpt Reveal: July 14
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Release Day Blast: July 27
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Review Tour: July 27-Aug 2
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