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Use this form and one of our librarians will tailor 1-10 books and / or media selections to fit your tastes.

We can also add a list of book recommendations to your library account in the library catalog. If you request this option, you can view our selections by logging into your account using the link below, and selecting "My Lists" from the top. We will send you an email when your selections are ready. This list can include items that are unavailable as well as digital media.

If you want a specific book, please place it on hold using the library catalog: 

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Questions for the Library Card Holder
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Starts with 211190... If you don't know your number, please email or call 714-842-4481 to retrieve it before submitting this form.
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Usually this is the last 4 digits of your phone number. If yours might be different, let us know so we can get you your books faster!
Do you have a quick request, like a particular author or series you want? Do you want to request a librarian you've received help from before? Include any relevant details here and scroll down and click "Next" at the end of the form to submit.
Example: Recent David Baldacci books, Middle Eastern cookbooks, Disney DVDs, picture books about trucks, Geronimo Stilton books, anything available from the fiction bestseller list.  If you have a specific book request, please put it on hold in the library catalog:
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How many books do you want in your bundle?
You can have a maximum of 10 books on hold with your library card. We may select fewer books if there is not enough room on your card.
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Would you like to receive a suggested reading list through the "My Lists" feature in your account in the library catalog?
The My List feature allows us to add digital items, unavailable items, and items that may exceed your hold limit to a list in your account in the library catalog. You can choose to place items on hold or download items from your account.
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