Morrocco Method Demonstrator and Product Promoter
We are looking for MM fans to represent us in our wholesale stores!

Being a demo person is an exciting job and it’s a great way to become part of the MM team. You have the chance to show off MM products by visiting retail stores in your area and sharing your knowledge of MM.

As a new demo person we will send you samples of our products and product literature to get them familiarized with our products. We will train you so that you have expert knowledge of our line. We will go over questions you have about the products and make sure you are fully versed in everything MM! Once a demo is scheduled, you will set up a demonstration at the assigned retail location and interact with customers and teach them all about our products and why you love them! Demos last about 4 hours and we generally schedule them on Thursday and Friday afternoons or Saturday and Sunday mornings. We pay $25 per hour worth of MM products of your choice at retail prices! As a user of MM products, I’m sure you will love this offer!

So if this sounds like something you would love to do please submit the application below.
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