Rezenerate Facial Consent Form
This form needs to be filled out in addition to the Facial & Waxing Consent Form. Thank you!
This consent form is between the Professional Skin Care business: PURE SKINCARE & ACNE SPA and YOU (“The Client”). The Client hereby authorizes PURE SKINCARE & ACNE SPA to perform a facial using the Rezenerate Wand and Rezenerate Chip. The Client understands that the number of facials required to reach anticipated results may vary and that potentially several facials will be needed to achieve the desired results. The Client understands that there may be some degree of minor discomfort, such as scratchiness, itchiness, irritation, hotness, and/or stinging.The Client understands that it is normal for the area receiving the facial to appear red with slight swelling after the facial, similar to a mild sunburn, which can last a few days after the facial. The Client understands that the facial area has to be treated gently in between facials and that the correct after-­‐care advice must be followed. The use of AHA’s or retinols or any harsh serums is not recommended until the area is fully recovered. Picking at the facial area may result in poor results or potential scarring. Additionally, the Client understands exposure of a recently treated facial area to excessive sunlight should be avoided and that Client should utilize a reputable sun block with a factor 30 of protection after the facial, reapplied throughout the days following the facial. The Client confirms that it has informed the Professional Skin Care business of all their medical conditions relevant to receiving the facial. The Client confirms it has understood all the information given regarding the facial during the consultation and that any questions they had have been answered to Client’s satisfaction. The Client represents that it has read and understood this consent form before signing it. The Client further agrees that it for each and every facial Client receives they shall have been deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to the above paragraphs. *
By selecting "Yes", I agree and understand the information provided. We will be unable to provide a treatment if consent terms are not accepted.
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