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The Student Director has a great deal of responsibility in our productions. The student director receives a portion of the script that they will block, themselves. They will be part of the artistic decision-making throughout the rest of the production and will be a link between the cast/crew and the director.
- Taking attendance of cast & crew at performances & rehearsals.
- Running rehearsals in the director’s absence.
- Stepping into various roles in rehearsal should actors be absent.
- Taking acting notes for the director during rehearsal.
- Assisting in the making of artistic decisions, such as blocking, costuming, and other aspects of bringing the vision for the show onto the stage.
- Staging a selected part of the production themselves.
- Potentially working as part of the crew during the run of the production.
- Other various errands and organizational tasks, as assigned by the director.

Participating in the after-school productions is a tremendously rewarding experience, but an undertaking that necessitates a commitment of time and energy. Because of the serious nature of the student director job, only those with serious commitment to the productions should apply.
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