This Exam is based off the content of the UF Starfleet Marine Corp Force Commander Manual. Please Report any issues here:
Grading is as follows
Below 80% - Fail.
80% - 90% - Pass
90%-99% - Honors
100% - Distinction

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What approves all Marine Units? *
What are the stages a Marine Task Force can be in? *
What Unit divides Commands into Geographic or Geological Areas *
The Command OIC is appointed by whom? *
Which two levels report via a ‘paper’ MSR? *
What are the points listed in this manual to think about when creating your unit? *
What are the two Marine General Staff Posts mentioned? *
How many Marines must be on a Detachment for it to have Deployed Status? *
How many marines must be on a Detachment for it to remain active? *
What Ranks will the OIC and DOIC hold when an Detachment achieves Deployed Status? *
Is a Detachment OIC promoted by MAROPS when the unit is activated? *
How old must someone be to start an Detachment? *
Which class does a OIC and DOIC need to pass to have their Detachment enter “Deployed” status from "Mustering" status? *
A Marine Detachment will only be attached to a chapter after the Chapter CO’s give approval. *
All Commands have 5 Regiments. *
Who sends in the MSR to the COMAROPS *
The MSR is collected every week. *
What are the forms a Detachment OIC will have submitted when they achieve “Deployed” status? *
Why would a Unit OIC want to develop background information about their unit? *
Task Force and Detachment OICs may never contact the COMAROPS for aid or advice. *
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