DLF Records Transparency + Accountability IG Questionnaire
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Name *
What motivated you to join this DLF group? What do you hope to learn? To contribute?
What areas of government records transparency and accountability are of most interest to you? Why?
What's one thing you've worked on that connects, in some way, to our work here?
It can be anything! Really. Go Broad.
How does transparency - or efforts to hold those in power accountable - take shape in your own work? And/or: how do they manifest (or not) at your place of work?
What obstacles do you face in thinking about or doing this work?
This can help us identify what we, as a group, need to develop, work on next, etc.
What kinds of projects would you like this group to work on in the future?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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