Neuro-Oncology Palliative Care Survey In Sub-Sahara Africa
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Assessment of Understanding and Skill
I have a clear understanding of palliative care.
I have confidence in my ability to initiate discussions about quality of life and goals of care with my patients.
I feel comfortable and have a plan when addressing concerns of patients and their family members when discussing palliative care.
Current Utilization
I have had education on when a patient would qualify for a palliative care consult.
I feel comfortable providing palliative care consultations to patients.
I have access to or referred my patients to palliative care.
Cultural Perspectives
Do you have any cultural beliefs that prevent you from addressing end of life issues with patients?
My cultural/religious beliefs impact how I discuss End of Life care with my patients.
Do your patients and family members have some cultural beliefs that prevent them from accepting palliative care as treatment option?
Assessment of Resources
A palliative care consult is only appropriate when there is evidence of irreversible deterioration?
Open discussions of End of Life care should be deferred until there is no further effective curative treatment available?
Integration of palliative care services into standard oncology practice should be? (pick the best answer)
Do you create Advanced care plans, and if so, at what phases of treatment do you review the patients plan? (mark all that apply)
When creating an Advanced Care Plan, do you discuss any of the following topics when creating an end of life plan, in ordinance of ESMO-ACP guidelines? (select all that apply)
Therapy of Palliative Care
I feel comfortable with the use of palliative care medication.
I consistently access and manage my patients' pain level through out the treatment process.
What drugs do you use? (mark all that apply)
Preferred method of administration when using Morphine?
Do you have a plan for management of pain and shortness of breath for patients who cannot swallow?
Do you have access to or have you used liquid opioid agents for patients who are unable to swallow pills?
Parental nutrition and hydration are unlikely to benefit patients with brain cancer in the end of life phase.
I have a plan to address patient's anxiety or mental health when palliative care is being considered.
Adequate seizure management until death is essential in patients with brain cancer?
What anti-epileptic therapy do you prescribe for neuro-oncology patients?
Are you assessing cognitive function in brain cancer patients like confusion or memory issues?
I refer my cognitively impaired neuro-oncology patients, when they have a favorable prognosis, to cognitive rehabilitation.
I address headaches for my neuro-oncology patients
I prescribe corticosteroids for my patients during their end of life phase for the management of headaches?
Indications for using steroid therapy in neuro-oncology patients (mark all that apply)
Corticosteroid complications to be aware of are (mark all that apply)
Current challenges I face in caring for terminally ill patients (mark all that apply)
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