2019 Multi-Squadron FTX
637 RCACS will be hosting the multi-squadron exercise for Level Three and Four at Columbia Valley (Parcel C) from 18-20 Jan 19. You will have the opportunity to meet other squadrons and complete all your FTX requirement in this weekend. This is open to cadets Level Three and up, and priority will be given to the Level Three who did not participate in the previous FTX in November.

Level Five will be providing support to the FTX. Please contact WO2 Ko, S for more information.

Please sign-up below by 11 Jan 19. By completing this sign-up, you are committed to attending this FTX.

NOTE: this will be the last chance for any Level Three to complete their FTX requirement for the training year.

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This FTX is only open for Level 3 and up.
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If you are interested in helping out with Advance and Rear Party, choose YES below. You are expected to help for both Advance and Rear Party, unless noted otherwise. Cadets who are in the Advance Party will miss out on school for Friday, January 18, 2019; it is the cadet's responsibility to catch up with any work that he/she misses.
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