Sarcoma UK's brand - tell us what you think
Standing out against other charities is an important part of Sarcoma UK's ability to be able to do more in the near future. Here's your chance to help with this by telling us what you think about the charity's logo, designs and branding. Please be honest!
Please look at the examples below of Sarcoma UK's materials. To what extent, if at all, do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements? (select one option on each row) *
Captionless Image
Neither agree or disagree
The choice of colours used is attractive
The overall look and feel is distinctive, unique, or bold
The look and feel is modern, bright and clean
The style of lettering used is attractive and fits the overall design
The pictures used are powerful and engaging
It gives a clear impression of what Sarcoma UK is or does
Generally the feel of the materials is fairly uninspiring
The design/layout used is overly simple and basic
The branding doesn't look like it all comes from the same organisation
Still thinking about the branding, which if any, of the following impressions do you get about Sarcoma UK from the image shown? (Select all that apply) *
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