Triangle People Power Youth Application
If you're interested in organizing with Triangle People Power in the Raleigh-Durham area, you're in the right place! No prior organizing experience is necessary. TPP is open to anyone in high school, but keep in mind that we focus on NC-based issues. We meet virtually every other week. Attending meetings is strongly recommended; however, if you cannot make a meeting, we can update you through a phone call and Google document.
A note: though this application seems long, know that it's just a way for us to get a sense of your interests and how we can best help you make change in NC! We are very open to new members, as long as they're willing to put in the time and effort it takes to be an effective organizer.
If you have any questions, please contact us at We look forward to seeing your application!
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If you live outside of the RDU Triangle area, do you have the ability to travel to the area a few times per year for TPP meetings and events? We can provide transportation funds if needed.
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Short-answer questions
Please answer the below questions in 3 or 4 sentences. Don't stress over these — they're a way for us to get an idea of your interests, rather than a way for us to evaluate you :)
Why do you want to join Triangle People Power? *
What skills do you bring to the group? Do you have any previous organizing experience (it's completely fine if not)? *
What specifically would you like to work on in Triangle People Power? Some of our issues include immigration rights, voting rights, racial justice, prison reform, and environmental justice. (Just a bulleted list is good) *
Descriptions of our 5 main sub-committees:

Outreach/partnerships: The outreach team works to recruit new members and to increase turnout at TPP events. Additionally, they foster collaborations with other nonprofit organizations in the area.

Social media/design: The social media/graphics team works to maximize TPP's social media presence through powerful, informative, and engaging graphics on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They work with the communications/press team to promote TPP to the greater NC population and work with the outreach team on social media collaborations.

Event planning/logistics: The events team puts TPP's goals into action by planning local events, working with the outreach team to maximize turnout, and overall simply staying in touch with the comings and goings of the activist community in NC. They also manage all of the logistical tasks, such as organizing finances, speakers, and venues, that are crucial to our events' success.

Politics/policy/research: The policy team focuses on the legislative side of the issues we tackle (that is, specific actions taken by the NC General Assembly, the governor, and local governments) and works with the events, social media, and press teams to spread awareness about these actions. They also research new policy opportunities, as well as up and coming progressive politicians during election seasons.

Communications/press: The communications/press team handles both internal and external communications. They make sure that the entire group is fully up to date on the latest happenings; they also help shape TPP's public image by communicating with the press (working with the social media team).

We create more sub-committees as needed for events/projects that require them. Additionally, leadership positions are available each year for returning members who have shown dedication to the group!

Please reach out to with any questions.
Please choose a sub-committee that most aligns with your interests. Note that this is not binding! Many of our members bounce around among these areas depending on their interests. *
Why does that committee interest you? If there is another committee you are equally interested in, please mention that here. *
Thank you for your responses!
A rep will be in touch with you shortly :)
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