Enter to win copies of Future Shock and Future Threat by Elizabeth Briggs
Binge read the New York Times bestselling Future Shock trilogy by Elizabeth Briggs! Start with Future Shock (Book 1) and Future Threat (Book 2) to get ready to read Future Lost (Book 3) publishing on April 3!

It’s been a year since Elena Martinez and her boyfriend Adam first got involved with Aether Corporation, and they’re trying to move on with their lives. But when Adam goes missing, Elena realizes that he’s done the unthinkable: he went to Aether for help developing his cure for cancer. Adam betrayed her trust and has traveled into the future, but he didn’t come back when he was supposed to. Desperate to find him, Elena decides to risk future shock, and time travels one more time. This future is nothing like they’ve seen before. Someone has weaponized Adam’s cure and created a dangerous pandemic, leading to the destruction of civilization. If Elena can’t find Adam and stop this, everyone is at risk. And someone will do anything to keep her from succeeding.

Find out more: https://www.albertwhitman.com/series/other-series/future-shock/

Future Shock
Future Threat
Future Lost
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