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A key to any person's success is the presence of a mentor to provide advice, insight, support, introductions, references, and generally provide guidance to the person being mentored (the mentee). At the AMA, we seek to pair each student member with 2 mentors: a young professional less than 3 years out of college, and a senior marketer with more extensive career experience.

The young professional mentor will provide our student marketers with a peer closer in age, who has recently faced the challenges of transitioning from student to employee, and who has recently "learned the ropes" of a professional marketing position.

The more senior mentor will provide extensive insights into the big picture of marketing, a longer-term perspective of careers, and deeper contacts within the industry.

We believe this combination of mentorship will aid our students as they launch their careers, while providing our professional members with insight into the world of millennials to keep them constantly in tune with the rapidly evolving marketing scene.

Whether you can only afford one hour a month on the phone to mentor a student, or are able and willing to dedicate more time to actively engaging with a student, you will provide a very important contribution to the success of your student mentee.

Please volunteer at least one hour per month to help develop and nurture a future marketer. Feel free to contact me at (210) 601-7852 or with questions or to discuss this program.

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