Suggest A Disk Detective Follow-Up Candidate
Use this form to suggest your favorite disk candidates for follow-up with the FLWO Tillinghast telescope.
What is your Disk Detective name (your Zooniverse login)?
For example: Starwoman467
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What is the Zoo ID for the Candidate You Want to Suggest?
For example: AWI00004o8
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What is the WISE ID for this object?
For example: J165204.85+145827.2
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What is this object's Right Ascension, in degrees? (for example, 227.5386362)
Here's a handy tool to convert RA and dec to degrees:
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What is its declination, in degrees? (for example, 80.4149227)
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If you can find it (e.g. on SIMBAD or VIZIER), what is the object's V magnitude? (for example, 14.09)
We can only observe objects brighter than about V magnitude 15. But just say "not listed" or "can't find it" if you can't find it.
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Do you have any other information to add?
We will eventually want to know the object's J magnitude, parallax, spectral type, and proper motion, and whether it has already been identified in the literature as a disk candidate.
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