2019 Fall Conference Proposal Form
Call for Proposals
We invite practicing and pre-service teachers, teacher educators, and librarian/media specialists to submit presentation proposals that highlight the role of creativity in the language arts classroom, the power of literacy to build empathy and community, the importance of inquiry to build responsible citizenship, and any other promising practices that help students and teachers.

Preference will be given to presentations that are timely, interactive, and relevant to the teaching lives of Michigan’s early childhood, elementary, secondary, and university English Language Arts educators. MCTE will contact each proposal’s author with an email message indicating that the submitted proposal was received. The MCTE Executive Board will contact the author of each proposal in early August with a notification communicating whether or not the proposal was selected. Space is limited; unfortunately, we cannot accommodate every worthy proposal submitted.

Click here to view example proposal submissions: https://goo.gl/0GkFML.

Please submit your proposal using this form by Friday, July 15, 2019. Questions should be directed to Geryl Lobert at globert@chsd.us

Please note that Google Forms will not save the text automatically (until you click "Submit"); you may find it helpful to draft the proposal in another application (e.g., Google Docs, Microsoft Word) to copy/paste into the form.

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As a final note, MCTE is a non-profit organization of volunteer teachers. Our goal is to promote better teaching in the English Language Arts. Presenters are responsible for their own copies and any related expenses. Presenters MUST register for the conference.

TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION: A wireless connection and screen is provided in each room. Presenters are expected to bring and set up their own data projectors, laptops, audio speakers, and other necessary equipment. MCTE cannot provide the technology tools for breakout session rooms.

If you have any questions regarding this Call for Proposals or your proposal submission, please contact Geryl Lobert at globert@chsd.us.

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