SMUMS Women Empowerment - Keeping Up With The Khadijahs 🧕 & Piloxing Party 2019💪
Women's Empowerment Series 2019✨
Keeping Up with the Khadijahs♥️ Assalamu'alaikum, our beloved Sisters! 🧕

Join us at our women's empowerment series that aims to empower you ladies through a healthy lifestyle and be inspired by the key women figures in Islam. 🌟

#1 The Piloxing Workshop🥊

Feel the adrenaline rush and sweat it all out with our Elite Instructor, Anirah, from Her Tribe in a 40 minute workout session with an in-between 10-minute break, of course! Bring your girl gang along too! 💋

#2 Tales of Women in Islam🧕

Gain understanding on the livelihoods of prominent female figures in islam such as Sayyidatina Khadijah r.a, Sayyidatina Aisha r.a. and Sayyidatina Fatimah Az-Zahra, and learn how we can emulate their character into our daily lives.😌 See you there, إن شاء الله!😘
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