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Please complete this form if you would like to have your home considered for exterior remediation following the contained burn exercise completed by the Bloomington Fire Department on November 5 that resulted in potentially contaminated ash debris.

Depending on the severity of contamination in your area, remediation may include particle vacuuming, air monitoring and wiping down of outdoor surfaces within reach like porch furniture and railings.

The City has entered into a contract with Environmental Assurance Company, Inc. (EACI) to perform remediation and has contracted with VET Environmental for monitoring expertise. Several contractor teams are currently in affected areas, working their way out from the source of the debris. If your property is determined to be in an area of concern, remediation will be offered. There will be no charge for this service and permission to operate on your property will be requested.

Bloomington Fire Department personnel continue to work closely with health and environmental specialists, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Monroe County Department of Health to continue to amass information based on scientifically valid sampling methods performed in the area. Based on the information gathered, the map shared below and available online at has been created identifying those homes determined to be an area of concern and eligible for possible remediation.

If your property does not appear in an area of concern on the map, testing did not indicate contamination and you should not expect a remediation crew to perform work there.

We will continue to post updated information at
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us for more information at 812-332-9763.
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A PDF version of the map below is available at .
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