PAPAS Summer Institute Audition form: Les Miserables School Edition
Directed by Bryan Blanks and Dedra Kaiser
Music Direction: Dedra Kaiser
Stage Manager: Erin Pantages

Audition Dates:
1) Video Auditions submitted between Monday, May 11- Friday, May 15

2)Videos must be submitted as a unlisted Youtube Link: Directions at the links listed below.
How to upload a video Via Youtube:

How to make your Youtube Video Unlisted:

3) Video audition links emailed to (YOU will receive a confirmation email that we received your audition) If you don't receive this...we did not receive your audition link. Please do not send any videos before Monday, May 11. But you're welcome to fill out the audition form now. We must have both your video and Google Audition form by Friday, May 15.


With Careful and ongoing consideration, we have moved our show dates for our Summer Institute, now opening in late July. We've chosen to move this date as late as possible to allow for conditions to become ideal for gatherings, keeping the health, safety and and well-being of our students and production staff first and foremost during these uncertain times. We are also realistic that staging and seating for this production may have to be adjusted within the recommended guidelines for Peoria at the time. In the event that conditions have not been deemed safe and positive for the community, the production will be postponed to the fall or later. Current seniors who have tentative move-in and graduation dates. Please still audition for this show. We will not do call-backs or fully cast the show, until we have more information of what the end of summer and early fall will look like realistically.

Dates: Late July 31-August 7

What puts the "Institute" in the PAPAS Summer Musical Theatre INSTITUTE? Not only will be producing Les Miserables: School Edition, but various professors and professionals in their field will join us to teach class sessions and workshops on the following topics: Stage Combat, Vocal Health, Mental and Physical Well-Being for the Performer, Dialects and more. This has been a program Bryan and Dedra have been working on for many years. Come join our Summer Institute Program.

****Instruction Classroom and Production Participation Fee: $195.00 for the entire Summer Institute.

**An additional Costume fee will be put in place as soon as we have more information regarding"Shelter in Place" guidelines. This may affect our vision and staging capabilities, which will affect how we costume the production.
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