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Thank you for your interest in the SOCAN House.

Bookings are done in blocks, with SOCAN evaluating all available applications two months in advance, and then advising the member if their application has been successful. Only successful applications will receive an email.

If your request is for farther out than two to three months this year, you may wish to mark your own calendar to send a reminder to us approximately two months before your requested time.  

If you do not hear from the SOCAN office before then, it is simply because our efforts are focused on filling the blocks in advance of that time.

Thank you for your understanding,

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Summary of important information about your stay (see application for complete instructions and details)

1. A SOCAN member, if selected, is eligible for a stay of up to one week per calendar year at each SOCAN house. For example, a member who stayed at SOCAN House Los Angeles in May of the current year will not be eligible to stay again until January of the following year, but will be eligible to stay at another SOCAN House during the current year. 

2. An application for a stay should not be submitted to SOCAN more than 3 months prior to the desired stay date. If you are selected for a stay in one of the SOCAN houses, we will notify you approximately 2 months before the check-in date of your stay. ONLY SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS WILL BE NOTIFIED. 

3. The availability of each SOCAN House is posted on the online calendar at Please check the online calendar for availability and submit your request as soon as possible (but not more than 3 months in advance). Please note:

  • SOCAN offers these stays at SOCAN Houses to those members who, in our opinion, will benefit most from the stay. Consequently, these stays are not determined on a first-come, first-served basis when we receive more than one request for the same stay period.
  • SOCAN Houses may not be available during major events or conferences in these cities. While SOCAN makes every effort to indicate these periods of unavailability in the online calendar, we may notify you that your desired stay period is no longer available after we have received your request. In such cases, SOCAN will offer you the opportunity to request another period of stay.

4. The duration and maintenance costs of each stay are as follows:

  • SOCAN House in L.A.: 7 days—US$250
  • SOCAN House in Nashville: 7 days—US$200

All stays start on a Monday and end on a Sunday. Check-in is after noon (local time) on the Monday and check-out is before noon (local time) on the Sunday.

If you are selected for a stay at SOCAN House, we will inform you of the deadline for paying the maintenance fee that is required to secure your reservation.

If you wish to stay longer than the above durations, please indicate this on your application (or submit your application to SOCAN as soon as possible if your stay has already been approved by SOCAN). SOCAN reserves the sole discretion to approve such a request and may charge an additional maintenance fee for an extended stay.

5. Occupancy in all SOCAN Houses is limited to two people, including yourself. If your guest is also a SOCAN member, please include their name and membership number on your application.

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