Ralph Baxter for Congress
Bruce MacEwen, President, Adam Smith, Esq.
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Please join me at the kickoff New York City fundraiser for Ralph Baxter, challenging the incumbent for the seat in the US Congress from Ralph's home district in West Virginia. Ralph has a strong shot at winning but he needs the support of all of us to get there.

Where & When:

Princeton Club of New York
15 West 43rd Street (off Fifth towards Sixth)
Wednesday 11 October
6:00--8:00 pm

Who's Ralph running against? Ralph is running as a Democrat challenging the incumbent Tea Party Republican
The fellow Ralph is challenging: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_McKinley
Can Ralph really win? Absolutely.
His district has historically been very Democratic and his opponent first won his seat by a total of barely 1,400 votes.

I can also attest that Ralph, as you would expect, is running a savvy, focused, professional campaign with talent of the highest caliber. He wouldn't be doing this if he didn't intend--and have strong reason to believe--he can win. He's determined, deliberate, and frankly inspired

If you're in Ralph's corner but can't come that evening, you can always make a contribution.
Contribute to Ralph's efforts: https://ralphbaxterforwv.com/donate/
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Ralph Baxter for Congress
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