The Scientific Revolution & The Age of Enlightenment Unit Test (Dr. D Version)
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1. Before the Scientific Revolution began, how did people in Europe explain the world around them? *
2. Before the Scientific Revolution, most people in Europe believed __________ was at the center of the Universe? *
3. Ptolemy, a Roman scientist, had a theory (idea), which was known as the ______________ ? *
4. During the Scientific Revolution, how did the church treat people with different ideas about our place in the Universe? *
5. Rapid (quick) advances in European Science & Mathematics based on a new philosophy of empiricism during the 16th and 17th centuries was known as __________?  *
6. A method of discovery consisting in the systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses is called the _______? *
7. A Polish astronomer who proved that the Earth and the other planets rotated (went around) around the sun was _____________. *
8. The idea that the Earth and the other planets rotate around the sun is called _____________? *
9. Which of the following happened as a result of Galileo's teaching the theory above in #8? *
10. A French Mathematician who developed Algebra and Geometry was _________. *
11. Who developed a modern understanding of the Laws of Motion and made discoveries about how objects respond to gravity? *
12. Using "cow pox" Edward Jenner developed the first vaccination for which of the following diseases? *
13. __________ was an 18th century European movement in which thinkers attempted to apply the principles of reason & scientific method to all aspects of society and government. *
14. During the Age of Enlightenment, thinkers were interested in studying the relationship between _____ and _____? *
15. Which of the following below was one of the 5 concepts for advocating reason during the Age of Enligtenment? *
16. Enlightenment thinkers were often known as ___________? *
16. Which Enlightenment philosophe wrote The Leviathan- which stated that "without government people would fight, rob, and oppress each other"? *
17. Which Enlightenment philosophe proposed (suggested) the idea of Natural Rights and stated “All people are born free and equal with life, liberty, and estate (property)” *
18. "Natural Rights" are rights that are given to individuals by __________? *
19. Which famous American document mentions "Natural Rights"? *
20. Which Enlightenment philosophe proposed (suggested) the idea of "Separation of Powers" within government? *
21. How is the idea of "Separation of Powers" used in the United States Constitution today? *
22. Which Enlightenment philosophe was concerned about the "Civil Rights" of the people? *
23. Which Enlightenment philosophe advocated for women's rights? *
24. Which Enlightenment philosophe proposed (suggsted) a free market economy driven by supply and demand rather than an economy controlled by the government? *
25. Enlightenment ideas were often spread (shared) in _______? *
26. Which best describes a style which is simple, elegant, and similar to Ancient Greece and Rome *
27. Which composers began composing (writing) music at the age of 5? *
28. Which Enlightenment Despot made reforms (changes) such as less censorship, improved education, and other reforms in Prussia as a result of the Age of Enlightenment? *
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