Highlands Ranch Aquatics 2018-19 Tryout Registration
Thank you for your interest in joining Highlands Ranch Aquatics (HRA). Please complete a separate form for each athlete interested in attending our tryouts. Tryouts for new athletes will be conducted on the following dates:

10&U athletes - Wed, Aug 15
11&O athletes - Thu, Aug 16

Both sessions will take place at 5pm at the Northridge Recreation Center in Highlands Ranch.

Highlands Ranch Aquatics is a coach directed, parent supported organization committed to providing an enjoyable, complete, and competitive swimming experience for athletes of all appropriate ages and abilities. It is the tradition of HRA to provide a safe and challenging learning environment in which athletes can develop a sense of self-esteem and pride through individual and team achievement. HRA is additionally committed to excellence in performance and we continue to strive to be the competitive leader in state, national, and international competitions.

HRA is a year-round program with programming running from early September through early August. Our short course season (meets competed in 25y pools) runs from September through March with State, Sectional and National Championship meets in December and February/March. Our long course season (meets competed in 50m pools) runs from April through August culminating in State, Sectional and National Championship meets in July/August.

Athletes are divided into training groups according to age, competitive experience, ability, goals and level of commitment. The intent is to combine athletes with similar attributes. All training groups have minimum qualifying standards, which are determined by, and available from, the coaching staff.

While younger athletes are not required to attend every scheduled practice session, each group has specific attendance recommendations. The more advanced training groups (Sectional and National groups) have attendance expectations that must be met. In addition, athletes are expected to participate in at least one meet per month including the highest level competition for which they qualify.

All athletes interested in joining Highlands Ranch Aquatics should have at least one season of competitive swimming experience, either with a summer swimming club or another USA Swimming club. Athletes 10 years of age and under must be able to perform freestyle and backstroke legally and consistently, as well as swim at least one length of breaststroke and butterfly. Athletes 11 years and older must be able to perform all four competitive strokes legally and consistently.

HRA does have limited space in our training groups, and we will not be able to invite all athletes who wish to join HRA. The coaching staff will notify each family via email of their athlete(s)' status by the evening of Mon, Aug 20. If we are not able to accommodate an athlete, we will offer alternatives and place them on a waiting list for the future.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us at info@hraswim.org

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