'COMMUNICATE TO CONNECT' & 'EMPATHY ESSENTIALS'  ~ South Portugal & Spain Tour, May - June 2024

These interactive trainings in the Fundamentals of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and the Art of Effective & Compassionate Listening offer skills, practical tools and insights to deepen, enrich, and transform all of our relationships, whether with loved ones, colleagues or ourselves.

Led by Donal Gannon, certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), with assistance from Anita Correia, along with local hosts and supporters. 
At least one of us will contact you if you complete this registration form.

Please add info@donalgannon.com to your contacts or keep an eye on your junk mail / promotions folder.

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Training Tour Schedule

We'll bring these 2 full day trainings on tour through the Algarve and Andalucía. 
Translation available into local language [Pt or Es]

25 & 26 May: Aljezur ~ Ritmo da Terra ~ West Algarve [En, Pt]

1 & 2 June: Órgiva ~ La Catitera, Torvizcon ~ South of Granada [En, Es]

8 & 9 June: Tavira ~ Escola do Malhão ~ East Algarve [En, Pt]


You are welcome to join for either day, a full weekend or more. 

​They all start at 10:00, and finish sometime between 17:15 and 17:45.

If you want to know more about them, check out the tour page

Below, select each training day that you will commit to attending.

Trainings you will attend
Financial Contribution

30€ per day (deposit) plus donation

We want to make these trainings both accessible and sustainable, i.e. available to everyone who would benefit, regardless of income, and, at the same time, minimise risk of loss and try to sustain ourselves financially.

So, for these trainings, we request payment in 2 parts: 

- 1st: To secure your place and make sure we cover costs:  Deposit of 30€ per day of training.

- 2nd: To contribute for the teaching / facilitation:  A voluntary donation - which you can pay cash on the day or transfer online anytime before or during the event.

- If you don't want to choose the amount, let us know. We can suggest a quick process to help you decide... and/or share the sliding scale prices we used previously.

This approach to exchange is explained more fully, along with answers to other commonly asked questions, here
Payment and Practicalities

Shortly after you have submitted this form, we will email you to arrange deposit payment.

Your registration will be complete and your place secured only once we have received your deposit.

A few days before the training you register for, we will contact you again with any reference materials, details about venue, travel information, timings and other practical information you’ll need.
Refund and Cancellation Policy

We offer these trainings in order to take steps towards a world that works for all. It requires many hours of organisation and planning. We ensure we have sufficient funds to do this with the following policy:

If you cancel your attendance, we will invite you to find someone to fill your place.
- If you do, we can transfer your deposit to them, or refund you all minus 10% (to cover admin costs).
-  If you don't, you will not be refunded.

You could consider gifting your place to someone else - there are many people in our network who do not have the money to attend such trainings, and might be keen to participate.
Ticking this box signifies that you have understood and agree to the refund and cancellation policy
Donal continuously updates the training content, including between now and when they begin. For example: hearing what many people want to explore, he replaces one topic with another or gives more time to something, resulting in something else being omitted. 

Please write below if there is anything really important for you to be covered (whether listed on the event pages or not).

And, if you have any questions you want answered in the training.
Any other questions, comments or feedback?
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We are glad to have you on board, and to work and play together very soon.
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