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Student Ministries
Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer in Student Ministries at Lifehouse Church. We appreciate your willingness to take the time to complete the application process and attend one of our services. There are a few things we want to make sure we say up front as you begin the Youth Leadership Process. By choosing to enter into a leadership role in Lifehouse Youth you are entering into a position of authority. Our Middle and High School students will watch you closely and take what you say and do seriously. We think that is a good thing. Leaders should be role models. The challenge is that being a role model is all-encompassing!

As a role model, your lifestyle is part of the equation. What you present within a Lifehouse Youth or Lifehouse Service should be consistent with who you are in every other part of your week.

Three issues we like to be very specific about in our current culture is: Sexual Relationships, Substance Abuse, and Social Media. The last thing we want to do is put you in a position where you feel pressured to teach, represent, or appear to give assent to a view on these subjects that you do not personally embrace. So on these three subjects, here is what expect volunteers to communicate and model:

Regarding Sexual Behavior:
We believe and teach that sex was created by God as an expression of intimacy between a man and woman within the context of marriage. Volunteers who embrace lifestyles that conflict with this scriptural teaching will eventually find themselves having to pretend to believe something they don't. In an effort to protect you from a potentially awkward situation, we ask the following:

- If you are involved in a sexual relationship and are not married, we ask that you not volunteer at this time.
- If you are pursuing a same sex relationship, we ask that you not volunteer at this time.
- If you're single, but living with a person of the opposite sex, we ask that you not volunteer at this time.
- If you are married and are currently involved in a sexual relationship outside of your marriage, we ask you not volunteer at this time.

Regarding Substance Abuse:
If you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse, this might be something God uses in a positive way to steer a future generation in a different direction. If you feel that this is a part of your message, and perhaps part of your motivation for wanting to get involved with Student Ministry, we would love to talk with you further. While we might disagree on the timing of your involvement, we don't want to miss an opportunity to partner with what God is doing in your life.

- If you have been arrested for or convicted of an alcohol or drug related offense in the past 12 months, we ask that you not volunteer at this time.
- If you are currently being treated for alcohol or drug abuse, we ask that you not volunteer at this time.
- If you have used marijuana or any other illegal substance in the last 12 months, we ask that you not volunteer at this time.
- If consuming alcohol to the point of being unable to drive is a part of your regular week, we ask that you not volunteer at this time.
- We would further ask you to reconsider any alcohol intake as part of being a role model for our students

Regarding Social Behavior:
The students in Lifehouse Youth and your Life Group (small groups) WILL visit your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, ect). So will their parents! If you maintain a social media presence some students will choose to follow you consistently through those means. While social media can be a great connection tool, it also serves as a window into your life beyond our weekly services. In light of that, we ask that you leverage social media with our students in mind.

- We ask that you use sound judgement on what you represent on social media

Do you agree with the above statements on Sexual, Substance, and Social Behaviors?
4 Principals of Lifehouse Youth
1. Spend time with students
As much as we like to be social creatures with other adults our age. We ask that leaders spend time before, during, and after service hanging out with the students they help lead. Be present and a part of what's going on in our services and life groups. Take part in pre-service games, worship with them, sit with them, pray with them when necessary. We ask that male leaders spend time and pray with male students and female leaders spend time and pray with female students.

2. Be a role model
Above all, model Christ to our students. As leaders you represent Lifehouse Youth, Lifehouse Church, THE church, but most importantly Christ. This includes our services as well as your everyday life.

3. Relationships
Build healthy, God centered relationships with students. We all want to be friends with our students, but we're called to mentors and role models first. Your relationship with students should ONLY operate under the principal of pointing them to a closer relationship with Christ.

It should go without saying, but we say it anyway:
- Leaders are NOT permitted to date a student
- Married Leaders that serve together are held to the same NO PDA rules as students

Outside of Youth
- If you want to hangout with any Lifehouse Student outside of a Youth Service or Weekend Service... Awesome! Thanks for your passion to live out your leadership in other areas of your life. We do ask that you follow a policy that protects you, the student and Lifehouse Youth.
- Please inform and get permission from Corey or Lauren Broadwater (Youth Pastors) of what you plan to do.
- Fill out the Outside of Youth Policy and have students parents fill out permission forms
- Have more than one Lifehouse Youth Leader present for your event/activity (Both Male and Female Leaders are needed if the activity involves male and female students)

4. Grow in Your relationship with Christ
Not only as leaders, but also as followers of Christ, we should always have a deep desire to know Him more. Our leadership to the next generation is only as good as our own relationship with Christ. To give, we must first receive.

Do you agree with the above statements on the Principals of Lifehouse Youth?
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