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Please help us with answering these questions, so we could help you to pass the exams and create an amazing math-tutor website! :)
Where do you go to school?
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How easy is for you to navigate on mathXplain and find the relevant topics? *
Well, I can not really find anything at all.
Perfect! I can find anything easily and immediately at Mathsplain.
How do you rate the design of the website? Is it comfortable to surf on the page? *
It's terrible, I'd rather close my eyes...
Simply faultless!
How satisfied are you with the teaching materials? Are they easy to follow and understand? *
I don't really understand anything...
They are perfect, I can even teach others based on these materials.
How do you rate the current style of the teaching materials? (e.g. understandable texts) *
It should be upgraded.
Which kind of additional maths materials would you like to see on mathXplain? *
We are determined to increase the amount of our materials and we are open to any kind of math subjects. :)
Is it easy to navigate on a specific page of a math topic and find the relevant numbered boxes? *
Not at all, it's not easy to find the relevant materials.
It's very easy, I can find anything.
Do you have any comments, ideas, suggestions in connection with these type of math tutor websites? *
Would you recommend Mathsplain to others? If yes, what is the biggest advantage of this page? *
Is there a disadvantage of the page or something that you are concerned about mathXplain? *
We are open to any kind of ideas, suggestions and requests, so write us if there is something we can do for you.
(Leastwise ideas and comments in connection with mathXplain, because unfortunately we can't guarantee world peace.)
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