Fall 2020 LITTLE Application
Thank you for your interest in participating in So K-pop's BIG/LITTLE system!
As a reminder, submissions after 11:59PM on Wednesday, November 18th will not be accepted.
*Make sure you pay membership ASAP! $3 for returning members, $6 for new members*

Please email info@ucdsokpop.com if you have any questions!
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If you haven't declared yet, write down what you think you might declare. If you are an international student, write your intended major. If you are a graduate student, write down your graduate study.
Would you like a 'chingu'? *
This is an option for those interested in getting paired with another 'potential little' instead of receiving a BIG.
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Your first pick for your chingu
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Your second pick for your chingu
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Your third pick for your chingu
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You first pick for your BIG.
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Your third pick for your BIG.
What group got you into k-pop? *
What is(are) your k-pop bias(es)? *
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What is your bias company? *
What Korean shows do you watch/love? *
What is(are) your favorite k-drama(s)? *
What is your all-time favorite k-pop song? *
What is your all-time favorite k-pop dance? *
What are your hobbies/interests other than k-pop? *
What is(are) your favorite sport(s)? *
If you don't have any, list sports you would like to try
What is your favorite food? *
Describe your last Friday night *
If you had 6 months with no monetary restrictions, what would you do? *
You often prefer to stay in rather than go out to a party *
You prefer meeting in small groups over interaction with lots of people *
It is easy for you to communicate in social situations *
What are you looking for in a BIG? *
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Any last comments/requests? *
If there is something that was not covered in the survey or if there is something you want to emphasize, tell us! ex. "I want my BIG to be pre-health too", "I want a drama loving chingu", "I don't want ....", etc.
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