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College & Community Fellowship’s Voter & Civic Engagement Project centers justice-impacted people and providing accurate information about voting rights. Only 10% of justice impacted people exercise the right to vote. We are trying to find out why. Voting purposefully is overwhelming in NY even for the most civically engaged. We want to make the justice-impacted a voting bloc to be reckoned with and we need your help!

We are looking for 30 trainers who are able to use CCF's Voting curriculum to help train other justice-impacted folks about their voting rights. Trainers will be expected to train between 10-12 participants per cohort.

Cohorts MUST be comprised of 10-12 participants, who:
*Are formerly incarcerated OR have a criminal conviction
*Must NOT be registered to Vote
*Based in NYC

We expect each trainer to run their 3 session cohort by Friday, October 2nd, 2020. If you have any follow-up questions please contact Stephanie Bazell at

In order to be eligible:
*You must be formerly incarcerated OR have a criminal conviction
*Must be registered to vote
*Based in NYC

You choose the date and time of your own cohort

There will be a Train the Trainers session during the week of September 7th. Specific date and time to follow.

$300 stipends will be provided upon successful training of your cohort. Bonuses may be available if you are able to recruit a larger pool of participants than your initial 10-12 people.
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Are you formerly incarcerated?
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Do you have a criminal conviction without incarceration?
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Do you have access to a computer or laptop?
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Are you eligible to vote?
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Do you believe you can recruit 10-12 individuals who meet the following criteria (MUST MEET ALL THREE TO BE ELIGIBLE): 1. Formerly incarcerated OR have a criminal conviction 2. Based in NYC 3. Not currently registered to vote
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Do you have availability to teach a cohort of this course prior to Oct 9. (A total of 3 sessions in successive order)?
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Do you have a rough idea of what dates and times(fill out in text box)
Have you taught any classes before (this is not required)?
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Are you passionate about justice-impacted individuals claiming power as a voting bloc? Please explain your answer further.
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