Hersko Therapeutic Wholesaler application
Thank you for applying to be a wholesaler on the Hersko.ca website!

Please fill in the following information to enjoy wholesaler-specific perks.

Payment procedure:
Minimum order $375- Free shipping

First order:
The customer is to pay COD (Cash On Delivery) via:
a. Credit card
b. Cash
c. Etransfer
d.    PayPal

2nd purchase onward: any payment method, dated 30 days post order

Client-related information: returns/exchanges policy
1. Please ensure the product is only taken back with original packaging (when available), original receipt/proof of purchase and a reason for the return/exchange.
** store is asked to return the product to one of the Lavilin- representatives working with the store- if available.
**Alternative option: email ada@hersko.ca directly with the above information
2. Any returned product (for a legitimate reason), the store is asked to take back the product and either exchange for a different Hersko Therapeutic product available on the website or refund.
** we will make sure to replenish the returned product back to the store.
3. Any defective products will be sent to the manufacturer for further testing. If wanted, the customer can be updated with the findings (with a copy sent to the store)

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